YK Hong’s 365 Release: Day 365

Sisters. I have two. There is no one like them. There is no relationship like that of sisters, and there is something extremely special about being 3 sisters together.

I have an enormous chosen family and community of people all over the world. People I know I would do anything for, and people who would not think twice about coming through for me.

Having blood sisters includes the above, but my siblings carry a common experience of family history. They have seen me in my entirety and because of this, they keep me grounded and accountable not simply to my actions of a situation, but for my actions throughout my life.

I have extraordinary sisters. My older sister is a writer who currently resides in Paris. She published a witty novel called Kept, which has been translated into several languages. My younger sister is a Harvard neuroscience PhD. And then there is me. The troublemaker artist activist.

I have unspeakable amounts of respect for both sisters. We are each drastically different, and both of them have taught me valuable life lessons I will always carry with me.

Because they are my sisters, they get a special place in my heart. And because they are my sisters, they get special gifts. I asked each of them to choose a piece of my artwork so that I could give them one each. My older sister asked, “are you sure?” and I replied by saying that I realized my artwork is best when it is out in the world, circulating. That is also part of this practice of non-attachment. Everything is better when it’s circulating and free.

This is my last day of this project. 365 Days for my 365 Release. Being intentional about non-attachment has changed my life. It is enthralling and affirming to know that I can change and grow even within the span of 1 short year. I learned about non-attachment, but also about intentionality. In mindfulness practice, those two philosophies are often the same.

Some of the lessons I’ve learned I have summarized here:

:: Everything we need to be happy, we always already have.

:: Non-attachment has to be practiced daily and is never finished.

:: Now I take a moment to assess more thoroughly before acquiring new objects. I now contemplate their lifespan with me, and the object’s ultimate worth.

:: What we think we need is often confused with want rather than need.

:: We hold onto things because of what has happened in the past (it brings back memories or carries history), or because of what we believe might occur in the future (we want things just in case we need them). If we realize this is not living in the moment now, it is easier for us to let go.

:: The less we have, the more space we have for creativity.

:: By being intentional about what I let go, I’m also being intentional about what I keep.

:: Letting go is against what we are taught by society, which teaches us that consumption is ideal. But we can also unlearn and train ourselves in non-attachment.

I opened this project on Day 1 by letting go of a piece of artwork and I close it with artwork as well. We are on this earth for a brief moment. There is no time to hold onto anything. When we leave, we take nothing with us, so there is no point to holding onto things after all. It’s all in our heads. Let go. Let go. Make room for your heart, creativity and love.

To everyone who received one of my objects, thank you for being an integral part of this project. To those who read the blog and shared your thoughts, thank you for prompting me and encouraging me.

This project will be coming soon to a gallery near you in the form of an extensive exhibition. Suscribe to my updates below to continue to receive information on the exhibit as well as in future projects related to this 365 Release.

Thank you, and because you have been a part of this, I love you.

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[I created the 365 Release Project to practice non-attachment, letting go and change by giving away 1 thing a day for 1 year. The background, vision and guidelines to the 365 RELEASE project are here. The running list of everything I have released is here.]

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  2. Kim says:

    Awesome YK! Although I didn’t follow this journey every day, I always enjoyed logging in and seeing how this wonderful project was progressing. Congratulations on fulfilling a faithful and difficult journey. May the Creator Bless and Keep you for all of your future journeys!!!

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