About the Project

YK’s 365 RELEASE: A practice in non-attachment

What is this?
Very simply, 365 Release is a project I started to help me practice the seemingly nebulous notion of “non-attachment”. By giving away a physical item every day for a year, I was able to practice letting go with intention and purpose in a tangible and accessible way. You can read about the guidelines and more information on the tabs at the top. Thank you for checking out the project!

Who is YK?
I’m an artist, activist, author and awesomer. I work in many mediums including wood and leather, and always have messages of transformation, social justice and mindfulness in my work. You can check out my website for more info on my talks, trainings and art.

The following are the original guidelines I set up for myself for this project in 2010.

For the next 365 days, beginning today September 8, 2010, I will be letting go of one thing a day.This is to teach me, with intentionality, how to practice non-attachment, letting go, and change.

The guidelines I have made for myself in regards to what I release are as follows:

It cannot be “perishable” (e.g. food, tickets to shows, flights, etc.)
It cannot be money.
It must be a physical object (e.g. clothes, books, supplies).
It must be something I have had for at least 1 year.
It must be given away, not sold.
Updated guideline:
I will not give away something that someone has given to me.

I must do this every single day.I am looking forward to learning from this project, as well as strengthening my practice. And if you are my friend, chances are, I’ll be offering you something over the next 365 days. With each letting go, I’ll be sharing the story behind the object, its significance to me, my process of letting go and lessons learned.

If you want to be up on the progress of this exercise, which I am calling “365 Release”, I will be using #365release on Twitter, and it will be under the category “365 release” on this blog.


This has project received generous funding from the Puffin Foundation, which contributed to making this website possible to preserve the project.