YK Hong’s 365 Release: Day 364

Tomorrow is the last day of this practice of non-attachment. I have let go of 364 things to at least 364 people/organizations so far, and tomorrow will be my final release.

This project has changed not only my home, because of everything I have given away, but it has also indubitably changed my life. I had no idea what it would entail, the challenges I would encounter and what it would look like, but here I am. Changed. Forever.

I’m keeping this entry very brief because I want to work on summarizing everything for my last day tomorrow.

I made 25 linen prints of one of my favorite wood pieces called “Give”. It was a one-time limited edition run. I sold 24 of them to people all over the world and held on to the 25th one. I did this because it is the most difficult for me to let go of my artwork. Yes, even on the day before my last day of being intentional about non-attachment, I am still attached to my artwork. I created the piece “Give” to show how when you give you are also simultaneously receiving, and that the act of giving is unconditional.

I had a gathering at my home recently, where I put up all of my artwork created to date (from as far back as 1999), had a professional curator curate my space, served up food and invited people over. I had friends over who have known me even before the idea of myself as an artist occurred to me, before I even created my first art piece, and there were people who I just met. One woman who came knew very little about me, and I even less about her. I am grateful that she came simply because I invited her. That to me signifies a basic belief in people. It reminded me of the power of human connection.

So on Day 364 of my 365 Release practice for non-attachment, letting go and change, I am giving the woman who gave to me by believing in me, even without knowing me, my last print.

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[I created the 365 Release Project to practice non-attachment, letting go and change by giving away 1 thing a day for 1 year. The background, vision and guidelines to the 365 RELEASE project are here. The running list of everything I have released is here.]

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  1. Shanel says:

    You inspire me more than you know…

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