YK Hong’s 365 Release: Day 360

I love dance and I love to dance. Those are two separate things for me. I love watching dance performances. I spend the vast majority of my money on food and dance performances. I admire and respect the human capacity to communicate through one’s body. Solely with one’s body. I love the discipline and lifetime of training it requires to be a dancer.

I also love to dance. Not like a trained dancer at a performance, but when I go out. Sometimes I stand in the middle of a dance floor and watch everyone dancing around me. Human beings are so primal. I am fascinated by how everyone moves uniquely and that music makes us move. We’re these beings that fling our arms around and move our feet. And it all feels good and makes us happy. It’s like a dog playing with a ball. It’s so basic, profound and primal.

When I used to dance in the heyday of house in the mid/late 90s, when the Tunnel, Twilo, Limelight, Palladium were havens for young rebels, I used to carry around baby powder. It was, and still is in some serious house head places, a common practice to sprinkle powder on the floor so that you can move your feet and slide easily while dancing. Because of this, and also because I used to stock up on baby powder and have always had a bottle in my bathroom.

It’s been years since I sprinkled it on the floors where I dance, but I definitely still dance my face off. On day 360 of my 365 Release, I’m giving away a couple of bottles of baby powder to another house head. Today I’m remembering that we’re all really just animals, with desires, lust, primal instincts and wishing to just be happy. May we always remember that everything we need to be happy, we always have it within.

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[I created the 365 Release Project to practice non-attachment, letting go and change by giving away 1 thing a day for 1 year. The background, vision and guidelines to the 365 RELEASE project are here. The running list of everything I have released is here.]

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