YK’s 365 Release: Day 59

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post saying I had resurrected 3 Mac laptops from the dead and would give them to the 3 most compelling stories of those sent to me.

I had a total of 63 people send me their stories and each one illustrated need and was extremely compelling. I wish I had 63 computers to give to each person, because everyone seems to need one, but I don’t have that many right now.

I have given the computers to three different individuals based on many factors.

I gave one to a teacher who is doing relief work in Haiti, who was in desperate need of a computer so that she could document the ongoing struggles, so i mailed it to her there.

The second to an indigenous and indigent man in the Pacific Northwest who is trying to document his tribe’s dying language.

The third and final computer went to a two-person team in Chinatown fighting to preserve heritage and tradition, legally representing their own undocumented families to keep housing and businesses open in the fight against gentrification.

To everyone that sent me a story, thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. I am grateful you are a part of my life and have also become a part of my 365 Release practice simply by being involved. If I had more resources, I would give a laptop to every single individual who shared their story. Thank you beyond any words, for giving me the gift of giving.


[I created the 365 Release Project to practice non-attachment, letting go and change by giving away 1 thing a day for 1 year. The background, vision and guidelines to the 365 RELEASE project are here. The running list of everything I have released is here.]

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